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Why the Resistance Is the Best Thing That’s Happened to President Trump: New at Reason

The “you’re with us or you’re with Trump” binary approach alienates potential allies.

David Harsyani writes:

Sure, it matters that President Donald Trump has a historically low favorability rating. Then again, disliking the president isn’t exactly a courageous act. Plenty of Americans—many of whom supported the president during the general election—don’t like Trump. They do realize that politics is a trade-off. Here’s a more revealing question pollsters might ask people: Do you “like” any better Sens. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) or Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.), pussyhatted marchers griping about the patriarchy or the totalitarians blocking Education Secretary Betsy Devos from walking into a public school?

That’s the choice #TheResistance—whose mantra, let’s face it, has synched with the Democratic Party—has created for many moderate Republicans, right-leaning independents and movement conservatives concerned about Trump. That is to say, they offer no choice whatsoever. They offer plenty of hysteria, hypocrisy and conflation of conservatism with Trumpism for political gain.

For pundits on the left, the idea that conservatives can judge the presidency issue by issue is completely unacceptable. As important as attacking Trump is, depicting conservatives as fellow travelers who enable fascism confirms every preconceived notion they harbor about the right.

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National Security Pick Declines Trump’s Offer, ICE Narrative Questioned, Tony Blair Urges Brexit Resistance: A.M. Links
  • Immigration lawyers and activists “have pointed to a sharp discrepancy between what ICE says it is doing and what immigrant families are seeing and reporting in cities across the nation,” The Washington Post reports.
  • In Seattle, 23-year-old Daniel Ramirez Medina—twice-authorized under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program but arrested by immigration agents last week—has filed a lawsuit accusing the government of falsely asserting that Medina belonged to a gang in order to place him in the gang unit of Tacoma’s Northwest Detention Center.
  • Former U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair urged anti-Brexit Britons to “rise up in defense of what we believe.
  • Vice Admiral Robert Harward told Donald Trump’s thanks-but-no-thanks on becoming a national security adviser.
  • “Today, we make clear, in Florida, any law that implicates the fundamental right of privacy, regardless of the activity, is subject to strict scrutiny and is presumptively unconstitutional,” said the state’s Supreme Court in a ruling blocking a requirement that women see a doctor twice before getting an abortion.
  • A Prince George’s County, Maryland, police officer is accused of assaulting a homeless woman while on duty.

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Brickbat: Whispered in the Wind

When members of the North Carolina Military Commission found that the press and members of the public had actually showed up at a public meeting where a presentation on a wind farm would be held, they pulled that item from the agenda and told …

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Review: Moonlight’s Focus on Drugs, Sexuality Make It a Film for Our Times

On the surface, Moonlight is a heart-wrenching film about a young African-American boy coming to terms with his sexuality while growing up in the impoverished public housing projects of Miami. But the Golden Globe winner (Best Motion Picture—Drama) is much more than a compelling, poignant, and uncompromisingly relevant movie; it’s a provocative portrayal of…
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