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Silver and dollars: How to protect against massive fraud

The paper money and savings you have in the bank are numbers. The entire modern system of fiat money is only numbers. It is not substance. Fiat is “money” by decree of “authority.” All money issued by the Government is backed by the “full faith and credit of United States Government.”

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Brickbat: Nice

Six Czech tourists were arrested and fined $67 in Kazakhstan after posing for photos in public wearing nothing but the mankini swimsuit made famous by the movie “Borat.” They were charged with indecent appearance.

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The Jewish Scholastic

Scholasticism: is a method of critical thought which dominated teaching by the academics (“scholastics,” or “schoolmen”) of medieval universities in Europe from about 1100 to 1700, and a program of employing that method in articulating and defending dogma in an increasingly pluralistic context. I have just completed reading the 2 volume Austrian Perspective on the History of Economic Thought by the Jewish/Austrian School economist Murray Rothbard. This is a magisterial (the edition sold by the Mises Institute is 1084 pages (2006, originally published in 1995)) survey of economic thought from antiquity up to the modern era in volume 1 and … Continue reading

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Debt and Taxes and Perdition

Should the government borrow against the future? Should it guarantee higher taxes for your children and grandchildren in return for lower taxes for you? If government’s moral legitimacy depends on the consent of the governed, as Thomas Jefferson argued in the Declaration of Independence, can the federal government morally compel those who haven’t consented to its financial profligacy — because they are not yet born — to pay higher taxes? These questions are at the base of the debate — such as it is — in Congress these days over the so-called Republican tax reform plan. But you will not … Continue reading

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The First Thanksgiving

Stan Freberg was a very funny man. I first wrote about him in 2003. He was part of the original Time for Beany, a local Los Angeles TV hand puppet show, which was immensely popular locally in 1949, and then went national from 1950 to 1955. Albert Einstein loved it. So did Groucho Marx. He did comedy skits on records, beginning with John and Marsha in 1951. He did some of the most clever TV ads for half a century. He ran his own ad agency, Freberg, Ltd. (But Not Very). The company’s motto was “Ars Gratia Pecuniae” (Latin for “art for money’s sake”). In … Continue reading

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Ethnically Cleanse the Palestinians

Let me confess that I’ve never liked Ben Shapiro, ever since I first saw his smirking face on Fox-news. He spouts minicon banalities with all the smiling assurance of a con artist selling ownership deeds for Time Square. It’s also annoying to watch all the media-authorized conservatives drooling over Ben every time he opens his mouth to say something that is strikingly uninteresting. Therefore when he was dispatched to Berkeley by conservatism, inc. to defend free speech, values or whatever else he was sent there to defend, I found myself actually rooting for the antifascist mobs. These rowdies looked far … Continue reading

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The Illusion of Growth

The Wall Street Journal published a superb example of hopium recently in a sunny-side-up story entitled “U. S. Manufacturing Rides Rising Tide, Buoyed by Global Growth, Optimism.” Indeed, this lazy cheerleading excuse for journalism captured the sum and substance of why the punters keep buying the dips despite troubles gathering all around. That is, as the tax bill falters, the crusade to remove the Donald from office gathers strength, the Fed moves into balance sheet normalization and instability breaks out all over the world from the Persian Gulf to the Korean peninsula. You would think the title says it all, but the … Continue reading

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