Chris Christie's Not Getting My Vote...

Chris Christie’s Not Getting My Vote…

…neither is any other Republican. The antics of the GOP over the last little while have finally drove me out of my bunker – I have to say something. Why the hell would any freedom loving individual vote for these losers! Even Rand Paul, who now says that Edward Snowden, one of the greatest freedom fighters of our time, should… Read more →

Detroit Is Ruled Eligible for Bankruptcy: Who's Next?

Detroit Is Ruled Eligible for Bankruptcy: Who’s Next?

When will we realize that it is government and not the free market that is causing this economic crisis? We have to stop limping along like this and just unleash the free market. Of course, we won’t and this sorry ship will just run aground, just like Detroit. Detroit is eligible to shed billions in debt in the largest public… Read more →

All Issues Are Political Issues

The title of this post is a quote attributed to George Orwell.  I am often reminded of this quote in my daily conversations with others due to the fact that nearly every one of these conversations seems to trail off in to the realm of politics.  It is my opinion that this is a sign of the times.  We currently… Read more →

The unspoken success of ObamaCare

The unspoken success of ObamaCare

Somewhat agree – although IMHO success for Obama would be the implementation of a full-on Canadian style health care system in the US, where all doctors work for the state. The ObamaCare screwups are purpose-built in order to eventually usher in a new, better (in their minds) system. Think of this this way: the more Obama wrecks the current health… Read more →

Dissecting U.S. Elections - the People vs. the Pols

Dissecting U.S. Elections – the People vs. the Pols

“When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.” Thomas Jefferson Dissecting U.S. Elections – the People vs. the Pols The establishment has an entrenched interest in convincing the public that their vote in elections actually decides who is selected for public office. That same power elite runs and controls both… Read more →

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