351 – Anna Nicole Smith Dead, Mitt Fiscal Conservative? Hillarys Legs & Male Sweat

Yes folks, Anna Nicole Smith – you know the one who’s name is under the definition for “Gold-digger” in the dictionary? (She must have read Horse Sense) – is dead. Who knows why right now, but don’t be surprised if the media decides to pin the blame on Trim-Spa, even though it may have nothing to do with it. Don’t be a sheep and listen to them – wait for the facts and decide for yourselves.

What do you know? I cry out “Where are the fiscal conservatives?” yesterday – actually far more often than just yesterday – and GOP hopeful Mitt Romney, he of the great hair – comes out in favor of just that. Now if this guy is what he says he is, maybe that’s where my votes going in 2008. Of course, I doubt that he will win, but hey he DOES have better hair than Rudy.

Apparently, researchers in Berkeley determine that yes, women ARE aroused by male sweat – please guys, don’t take this as a license to STOP SHOWERING, as some engineers who I used to know will likely believe.

And finally, what kind of show would it be if I never mentioned Hillary? Versace says – show off your legs – to which I say UGH, please NO!

351 – Anna Nicole Smith Dead – Mitt Fiscal Conservative – Hillarys Legs – Male Sweat