354 – Mitts In – I Agree With Rove – 5000 Year Hug

I don’t usually agree with Karl Rove but today I do – he says its far too early for the candidates to start cranking up for 2008 and I totally agree – even though I’m contributing to the problem. I’m liking Mitt even more after doing some research on him – but please, why not stand out from the pack by NOT talking about bringing in socialized medicine, like every other freaking candidate. Like I’ve said on many occasions, SOCIALIZED MEDICINE is not a GOOD THING (to paraphrase Martha Stewart). Napping is supposedly good for your heart, say a bunch of Greek researchers. Personally, I think this is just a study to justify all the mid-day naps Greeks take. A few comments on the 5,000 year hug – amazing how we romanticize this even though we really don’t know the circumstances of the times, but it doesn’t really matter, it is what we believe it is, not what it really might be. No show tomorrow as I will be traveling so see you again on Thursday the 15th.

354 – Romneys In – No MittCare Please – I Agree With Rove – 5000 Year Hug – Napping Good