355 – Flying Sucks, American Idol Madness, Celebs Love Obama and Golden Pig Year


Flying sucks – from the crappy service and attitudes of the personnel, to the back room deal which screw customers over, to “delayed baggage” (nice euphemism for LOST LUGGAGE), if there was some OTHER way to get across the country, don’t you think people would use it. What ever happened to bullet trains? Why is American Idol such a big deal? Why does 10% of the country glue their eyeballs to the screen for 4+ hours a week? I’ll never know – maybes its the whole Cinderella Story meets Karaoke. Celebs are turning their attention to Obama since they actually like Bill more than Hillary – even Babs is hedging her bets! For some reason, its a lucky year to be born if you are Chinese – don’t ask me why we still labor under superstitions like this – maybe it is the power of the mind.

355 – Flying Sucks – American Idol Madness – Celebs Love Obama – Golden Pig Year