357 – Island Of Women, Clinton Obama Scuffle, Pelosi Tattles and Queue Jumping Illegals

When I first heard about this I thought it was some vacation paradise for Desperate Housewife Soccer Moms to get away from their families and bitch about their husbands,but apparently its a haven for Muslim women to act like they are in the 21st century. I still wonder why radical feminists give Islamic fundamentalists a pass on their treatment of women. Pelosi tells the teacher on Cheney bullying the Dems – awww poor babies – just grow up willya. Clinton and Obama clash over a measly $2300 in campaign contributions from David Geffen, c’mon guys are these your true stripes, are these really the kind of people we want in power? And finally, while the government is taking steps to convert illegal, law breaking immigrants to citizenship, why not do something about all the rest of us who have been sitting in the LEGAL citizenship queue for years. Or maybe something for the families who have been waiting years to re-unite with their loved ones? Why not do something for them too? Somehow, I doubt it, since its not 12 million voters, is it?

357 – Island OF Women – Clinton Obama Scuffle – Pelosi Tattles – Queue Jumping Illegal