358 – Jesus 4 President – Governator 4 Hillary – Wii Wins Big


Even if Jesus Himself ran for President and won, do you think he’d be able to transform the country? I doubt it – with the horrific duopoly in place – nothing can ever change in a major way.

Bank of America hands credit cards out to law breakers aka illegal immigrants – has the government pretty much collectively decided that the prosecution of illegal immigrants has been pushed to the bottom of the list? I still don’t understand why the businesses who employ illegals and the businesses who support illegals get off scot-free as they aid and abet these criminals?

The Governator supports Hillary, tells people to stop picking on her about her Iraq vote. What is it with these Democrats complaining about being picked on – jeez people stand up and be a grown up and respond LIKE AN ADULT!

I realize I’m coming up on 2 years of podcasting, yikes. Wonder what I should do for my 2 year anniversary?? Any suggestions – let me know – post a comment or email me.

I send some time researching stuff on YouTube and its true – 90% is crap, we need to find a better way to unearth the good stuff, and not depend on what other people say about these things. Its so easy to give kudos to crap on the Internet. Wish people just say it like it is.

Finally, Nintendo is kicking both Microsoft’s and Sony’s ass with their Wii sales in January which are double that of the other consoles. Nearly 500,000 Wiis were sold in January, which was only limited by supply, whereas only about 250k each of PS2, PS3 and Xbox 360s were sold in January, with plenty in supply. Kudos to Nintendo for totally revitalizing this industry, which really was described just a few months ago as being moribund.

358 – Jesus 4 President – Governator 4 Hillary – Wii Wins Big