360 – Gore Wasteful – Cameron Finds Jesus – Crackberry – Cheney Bomb – RU Happy?


Yes! I love it when these self-satisfied back patting egotistical politicians and celebrities are shown to be total frauds – turns out Gore wastes 20 times the resources that a typical household does in his mansion. Cheney escapes a bomb in Afghanistan, was he ever really in danger – they usually keep these politicos so far back and away there was never a chance they would have gotten hurt – but the idea they could get Cheney did kill 23. James Cameron is apparently now an archaeologist now and asserts that he has discovered Jesus’ tomb. Do these people ever stop to ask experts? No, their egos are so big that they know everything – don’t confuse me with facts! Maybe he’s looking to run for office, since a lot of politicians I know suffer from the same problem. I get a Blackberry and man, this thing is sweet. Anyone know where I can get applications for this thing? I love the progression of these devices to the eventual all-in-one portable do everything device which all we need to do is to drop on a desk and auto connect via bluetooth to a monitor and keyboard. I get hungry for a HUGE BURGER. And Europeans are happy, R U?

360 – Gore Wasteful – Cameron Finds Jesus – Crackberry – Cheney Bomb – RU Happy