367 – Dissent Death Threats – Hillary IS JFK – eBay Scammers

Now that scientists who disagree with the global warming cabal are getting death threats, how long will it be before we see the first “Global Warming Deniers” killed by fanatic environmentalists: thank you Al Gore, for creating this “cult of green”. Hillary compares herself to JFK! what audacity – although I fail to see what made JFK such a great president in the first place – who knows where his presidency would have gone had he lived? I ask a question on Yahoo! Answers about this and get some awesome responses, add yours here. I give you the full story on the eBay dude who tried to scam me out of $66, although eBay is at fault too because they don’t realize that being a buyer and a seller are two distinctly different skill sets, and should report that in the feedback. And people who don’t want to move on really piss me off.

367 – Global Warming Dissent Death Threats – Hillary Is JFK – eBay Scammers