The Future Is Breaking

Sorry folks, I wasn’t expecting to take this long of a break from the show but personal stuff tends to get in the way – especially when you are just doing this for fun and its not your day job. Ah well, who knows maybe one day it will be my day job and people will be listening to me instead of Rush Limbaugh. Yeah. Right.

Of course, while I was away so much stuff happened thats rant-worthy, like the 8 way Democrat debate, where all these wealthy tree-huggers flew to the debate in their multi million dollar planes using up thousands of gallons of fuel, probably from the middle-east, and spewing huge clouds of carbon-monoxide into the air over the country while they were at it. I didn’t hear any of that during the debates, did you?

Ah, but there is so much to talk about. I’ll have to save some of this gold for tomorrow.

In the meantime, there are approximately 200 hours of gold already out there for you to listen to already. Well, some of it is gold. Some of it is trash. But you be the judge.

BTW, for some unknown reason, my show 99 has just shot up to nearly 4000 downloads. Don’t ask me why, but some folks out there must think it was good…

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