402 – Slow Lot Parkers – Airfares – Miss Universe – Ron Pauls Chances – Remembering

Don’t you hate people who take forever to leave their parking spot in a totally full parking lot? Why are airfares so variable from day-to-day moment to moment? If there ever was an industry that needed shaking up in the pricing dept its the airline industry. Why do people have a problem with the Miss Universe pageant? No one is associated with this thing against their will. No one is being forced to attend or to watch. While I think Ron Paul is the most libertarian candidate, I doubt his chances. He unfortunately does not have the presidential hair, or enough money to be a front runner. Pretty sad when its money and charisma that elects and not ideology. And did you spend some time remembering yesterday? I hope so. People have died in order for us to maintain what liberty we have, we should remember them.

402 – Slow Lot Parkers – Airfares – Ron Pauls Chances – Remembering

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