Kill Bill Volume 2

I was planning on only taking a very short two day time off but the time just got away from me – and today ended up being “Go Silent” day for Save Net Radio, so since most people listen to my show off my website, I decided to suspend my on site player till 9pm tonight. So thats why you are not getting a show from me today. But I have to say something about this hellish immigration bill. S 1639

You are getting a blog post though. I’ve been reading how this damned illegal immigration bill keeps getting resurrected and getting more and more sad and angry. Today Bush himself called the bill amnesty. I don’t give a flying F if Tony Snow says he misspoke – it IS what our commander-in-chief thinks of the bill. And for me, its basically saying – this is no longer a nation of laws. Breaking the law – at least some laws, is cause for REWARD not punishment!

Folks: There are millions and millions of people among us who came here to have a better life. This country is all made up of immigrants, looking for the opportunity this country has available for all. We do have a better life here. We all have various reasons for coming here, but most of us know that this is much much better than where we came from. And yes, I’m from Canada, where a lot of Americans wish they could move cause they think its so wonderful there. Its not.

Many of us chose to honor our adopted countries laws. Many of us followed all the rules. We spent time, we filled out all the forms, we waited in the lines, we did every legal thing we could in order to move to this country. We are law abiding people. We don’t break the law, especially when it comes to our lives and families. We follow all the rules, even when its hurts us, keeps us away from our loved ones and families for years and years. You may not be aware of this, but many many legal workers here spend up to 10 years away from their families due to the backlogged processing system. We are punishing the legal, and rewarding the illegal. But instead of giving rewards to those who follow all the rules, we are giving to those who break them.

My situation is not personally that bad, even though in the end it will have taken me 10 years to gain my citizenship. My heart breaks for those families who have people here on H1 visas, whose families have not been able to be with their mommies or daddies except for short expensive visits. These people are hard working, pay all of their taxes, and keep their noses clean. In short, model citizens.

On the flipside, there are millions who broke laws to be here. Most illegal immigrants are hardworking. I would say honest, but they aren’t – they broke the law to be here. Not all illegal immigrants are hard working and give back to their adopted country. There are plenty who use the free system to its fullest, causing a huge drag on social services the rest of us have to pay for. Sure Americans use the system too, but they aren’t here illegally. Maybe you can say that the immigration laws are wrong or bad, but they ARE laws. Desperation is no excuse. We don’t excuse the desperate beggar who breaks a closed shop window to steal bread, do we??

It again, all comes back to the government. It is not easy to move here legally, but it CAN be done, and it can be done cheaply. Its not easy, but the only reason its not easy is the government. This bill gives incentives for breaking the law. And I don’t think anyone wants that. There are so many ways to do this right. This is not one of them.

So please, I implore you, call your local representatives, and Kill This Bill!