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#82 We Are A Pimple On Mother Natures Ass

[youtube=] Whenever we have anything but totally wonderful weather, the climate nuts are out in full force proclaiming mans role is so-called global warming (oh I forgot since they have no idea if we cause warming or cooling they re-branded this wacko movement climate change). Listen people, its all question of scale: we are simply […]

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#74 Obama Loves Amnesty For Criminal Aliens – $30000 Ring: Fact Or Crap – No Hospital Records In Hawaii

[youtube=] In picking pro-amnesty Janet Napolitano for the Secretary of the Dept of Homeland Security, Obama shows his hand on what he believes in when it comes to immigration – rewarding criminal aliens for being in this country illegally, thumbing his nose in the face of all of those of us who came to this […]

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civility in political discourse is gone

It’s amazing. I still get fanatic Obama lovers posting comments on YouTube saying that that wish that someone would kill me. “Someone should throw Molotov Cocktails at you while you are driving” was the last one. Just great isn’t it – in the New Obamaland in which we live, death threats against dissenting opinion are […]

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