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#83 Tolerance For Everyone – Laissez Faire Capitalism Works – Obama Man Boobs

Getting ready for Christmas, can’t we just have tolerance for everyone? Ariana Huffington screeches out a screed against laissez-faire capitalism, listen woman – if you think we’ve had laissez-faire under Bush you are sadly mistaken. And Obama – whats with the Man Boobs? Sure you have nice abs but dude, work on those man boobs. They are almost worse than… Read more →

#82 We Are A Pimple On Mother Natures Ass

[youtube=] Whenever we have anything but totally wonderful weather, the climate nuts are out in full force proclaiming mans role is so-called global warming (oh I forgot since they have no idea if we cause warming or cooling they re-branded this wacko movement climate change). Listen people, its all question of scale: we are simply too small and the earth… Read more →

#81 Obama Clears Himself – Rick Warren Invocation:Gays Angry – Jan 2009 Crisis

[youtube=] Person of the year is: DUH. Who do you think? Obama pronounces himself clear in the Blago case, well DUH again. Why don’t journalists do their jobs anymore? Citizen journalists of the world are the only ones doing the investigating. What is going to happen on the 21-22 of January? At least three different things are pointing to something… Read more →

80 Obama Took My Christmas Tree – Government, Not Market Failure – Bush Shoe Attack

Why is it when you hear liberals preaching tolerance, its tolerance FOR non-Christian faiths, and intolerance for Christian faiths. Is this like racism – you can’t be racist if you for FOR the minority?? Bush gets shoes thrown at him – the ultimate Muslim insult eh? I guess they forgot how life was all skipping through buttercups when Saddam Hussein… Read more →

#79 Socially Engineered Stimulus – Business Is Profit Not Jobs – Blogojevich: Openly Corrupt

The new Obama stimulus comes with a lot of strings: first off you don’t have to turn a profit – all you have to do is create jobs – secondly, they have to be the right jobs – only in the industry Obama WANTS to grow – forget about addressing demand – demand means nothing – its all about the… Read more →

#77 SCOTUS Refuses To Lift The Rock – Economic Idiocy – No Progressives Allowed

Just as I thought, the Supreme Court refuses to hear the birth certificate case – they know – and they don’t want to lift that rock. Pretty sad. I guess you can pretty much throw the Constitution in the coffin and nail it up. Progressives are freaking that there are no far left appointments to Obamas cabinet – hes much… Read more →

#76 Obamanomics By Numbers – $200000 Per Job Lost – Where’s My Bailout?

533k jobs lost last month. Obama and the Axis of Evil are looking at a new $500-700B stimulus package. That;s $200-$250k PER JOB lost over the last two years since the Democrats took over control of Congress. Why use that money to stimulate the economy – just give $200k to each person who loses theit job – might be more… Read more →