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#630 – 90% Say Capitalism Is Dead – Nothing Is Free – Tax Is Theft – Libertarian Paternalism

90% of the population does not want free markets anymore. 90% of the public believe in more government. How can we fight this? Is the idea of liberty and limited government really passe to 80%-90% of the country? How can you teach so many that its the free market and capitalism that makes things better not worse? What we have… Read more →

#629 – Obamas Lack Of Respect – Shedding The Anti-War Skin – Fairness Doctrine – Let It Through

Obamas audacity leads to a lack of respect for symbols and traditions people hold dear – he has no problems using and twisting these symbols to his own ends. The Seal, the Bible, Wright etc, all of these are tools he will use and discard in order for him to win. I bet he sheds his whole anti-war skin now,… Read more →

#628 – Obamas Seal, Bounce and Racism – McCains $300M Bounty – George Carlin, RIP – Global Warming Heretics On Trial

Obama creates a new Presidential seal by Photoshopping the existing one – too bad its illegal to do that, guess hes trying to get us used to seeing him behind a seal. Hes also got a 15 point bounce on McCain according to a Newsweek poll – and now hes accusing the GOP of racism before they even open their… Read more →

#627 – All Obama, All The Time – Obamanation – Obamunism – Obomnipresent – Obomniscient – Obamanomics

Obama opts out, gears up to spend so much money that his face will be more prevalent than that other guy who had the same last name as his middle name did in Iraq. Didn’t the Soviets love plastering their propaganda too? With any luck people will see past all of this and use their reason in order to select… Read more →

#626 – Muslims Barred – Obama On The View – Nationalizing Refineries – 45 Reactors – Climate Tomatoes

The big story – Michelle Obama on the View – she can afford to be big towards Hillary since she lost. Obama forces Muslim women in headscarves out of the picture – so much for diversity – McCain says another good thing – lets build 45 nuclear reactors – the Dem response: no drilling, and nationalize the refineries. Welcome to… Read more →

Obama Celebrates Diversity…

…by barring women in headscarves from a photo at an Obama event. What kind of diversity is allowed then, Senator? More proof that those who separate are actually more racist/sexist/intolerant that those who say we are all part of the human race. Like I said before, Obama wasted his opportunity to be beyond race, to be beyond all this. Proof… Read more →

#625 – Obama Drops Mortgage Deduction? – No Bounce Obama – Reason Over Passion – Gores Receding Hairline

Will Obama drop the mortgage tax deduction? I dont think he is interested in the American Dream of owning a house, I think hes more interested in the Old European Dream. The mainstream media is complaining that, even though Obama leads McCain in almost every poll, Obama didnt get the traditional bounce in the polls. Geez, the guy is leading… Read more →

#624 – No Ron Paul Write In, Vote For Barr – Drill Offshore Already – Al Gore Is With Us, Who Cares?

Ron Paul said it himself – a write in vote for him would probably be lost and never counted. Looks like when it comes to the presidential race, voting for Bob Barr would be the best way to make a statement, since the presidential election is already lost. Can you imagine if the press sees a decent turnout for Barr…. Read more →

#623 – Dont Vote For The Cabal – Russert Coverage Overboard – Obamas Turn – McCain Lame – Gay Marriage

Did the Tim Russert death coverage go overboard? I finally see McCain in his preferred town hall setting, and guess what, he sucks there too. I dont think the Obama folks really have to worry about him in that context, I think he will smoke McCain there as well. Gay marriages begin in California, more power to them. Yes folks,… Read more →

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