Another Day, Another Coupla Hundred Billion Dollars Gone – Jindals Speech – Federal Sales Taxes


THE SECRET: SHH! I tell you a secret! Did you know that Barack Hussein Obama is LESS POPULAR than George W. Bush? Bet you won’t hear that statistic anywhere. One month into George W. Bushs presidency, his approval rating was 63%. Our lord and savior? He just dipped below 59%, and is actually rocketing downwards at a rate of 10% per month. At this rate, he will be less popular than Bush when he left office by the time his first 100 days are up. And with good reason if you ask me.

BOBBY JINDAL:  I critique Bobby Jindal’s response to the Obama “lets all work together to expand the state”. If you look past the “good ole boy” persona – I mean what do you expect, the guy may have an Indian background but what do you expect, he’s from the freaking south. I was impressed by the response because he kept on the topic of solid fiscal responsbility. The party that focuses on fiscal responsbility can win. If they are allowed to.


ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER MULTI-HUNDRED-BILLION: Obama plans to fork over $632B for socialized medicine, $750B more for bailouts, $75B for Afghanistan, Iraq etc, this is after a $410B spending plan and a $787B stick-it-to-us PORK plan. How are we going to pay for all of this? Soak the rich of course. But, you can take every last penny of those people who make more than $250K a year and it still wont cover it. So we will probably see taxes for everyone, then….

A FEDERAL SALES TAX: Yes, folks, its coming. All of those wonderful socialist European countries who Obama and his minions idolize, all have to have a federal sales tax in order to help pay for all of these boondoggle spending plans. The UK has a VAT, Canada has a GST. This tax is on goods AND services. I predict something between 7-9%.

JINDAL SPEECH: Oh those quaint Republicans! See how they point at the politics of the past! See how they continue to try to champion the failed concepts of free markets and capitalism. The speech was good if you ask me. I was looking for substance, not style.

OH HOLY BAM: Note how the imagery of Obama nowadays always seems to have a halo around his head. He is not holy.