Ask A Reformed Socialist – Wrecking American Culture – Dependence = Pessimism

If you are wondering how our wonderful king and savior is going to pay for all of these wonderful social programs and bailouts, just Ask A Reformed Socialist: its pretty simple: First soak the rich, then soak businesses (which we all know is simply additional tax on people since businesses simply pass their costs on down to the consumers), then when thats not enough, initiate a federal sales tax. If we are going to be like any other socialist country, we’d better get cracking on a federal sales tax, I mean Canada, Australia and the UK all have one – maybe we should. Of course you are saying – how is that possible? Won’t that mean taxing the poor as well? Sure, but they can get tax refunds. Not the rest of us though. Next after that is the mortgage interest deduction. That first will be gone for high earners, then slowly disappear for everyone. Obama doesn’t want you in a house, he doesnt want you anything but dependent on the government for everything. Right now, we are not as dependent on the government as they are in these other countries. Obama and his Axis of Evil are working hard to destroy the rugged American individualism that made this country great. How does this work? Make the Kool-Aid sweeter and sweeter so that more and more people drink it, and in the end if you don’t drink it, you will be forced to at the point of a gun. And then you won’t be able to fight back as the government will have all the guns. The second half of this is when the government reduces our options, there will be a equal reduction in our happiness. Our culture will be completely different. The optimism which is the backbone of America will disappear. We have to fight for our independence, we have to fight for our freedom.



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