Socialist Motherland – Socialized Medicine – Doubles Foreign Aid – Hires 250,000 New Government Workers

So much, so fast: socialized medicine: remember how Obama crammed both a medical database which lets the government know all of our medical history, and will create a medical review board which evenutally will look at every possible treatment, and determining the most cost effective solution. Next: community health centers – why go to a hospital or your doctor when you can get free health care at a government run facility? Next: doctors will be forced to perform procedures and pharmacists will be forced to stock items they have moral issues with, otherwise they can be sued. If you ask a doctor to perform an abortion and you disagree with abortions, you used to be able to say no. Now if you say no you can be sued. Ditto for the pharmacist who doesnt want to stock condoms. Steps on the way to all medical practitioners wokring for the government. Next: its estimated that to administer all the new government programs that he is going to need 250,000 more government employees. Next: In the Palin/Biden debate, Joe Biden said “Obama and I wanted to double foreign aid, but the economy will probably not make that possible” Apprently, even though the economy has gotten worse, Obama said damn the torpedoes, lets spread your citizens wealth anyways. He is doubling foreign aid to $50B. Next: He comments on the stock market drop: Anytime government does things the market moes in “fits and starts”. This man, folks, is truly an economic idiot, as I told you on TV show #110 Next: This is more proof that he understands exactly what FDR did – he helped extend the depression in order to expand the size of the government, and gave the people sweet Kool-Aid to drink, and they all ensured democrat rule.

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