Geitner A Leftist Loon – Indoctrination Into The Socialist Way – 250000 New Government Employees – Doubling Foreign Aid

First of all, I lived in Canada for the first 35 years of my life, and both the media and the educational system indoctrinate you into loving Canada (Canada is the best place on earth!) and that the socialized sysmtes we have are the best (best health care, best help for the poor etc). This is why when you speak to people who live in these socialist countries, they never complain to you about it – they aonly talk amongst themselves. To the rest of the world, you must always say “My country provides the best (insert social program here)” . Its estimated that Obama will need 250,000 new government employees to administer all this new spending. So much for limiting government. During the Palin/Biden debates, Joe Biden said that due to the poor economy, he and Obama may not be able to double foreign aid. Even though the economy has fallen even further, Obama goes ahead and doubles foreign aid. There go your hard earned dollars – right into the hands of dictators and ineffective organizations worldwide. And lastly Geitner tells oil and gas companies that they contribute to global warming – Yes, Virginia, Obama’s entire administration is made up of lunatic leftist socialist communist lunatics. Did anyone ever mention that global warming is not a fact?