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Thank Yourself…

[youtube=] Why thank others? YOU are ultimately responsible for your success or failure. so if you are successful, thank yourself. If not, make some new decisions. But no one runs your life other than you, yet! (Just wait for Obamacare to become law…)

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Show Trials In New York

KSM and the 9/11 conspirators go to New York for trial. Is it so that it can happen where it occurred? So that vengeance will win out? No, its in New York for the sole purpose of the MSM’s enjoyment. This gives these murderers a megaphone to the world to air their beliefs. Maybe that […]

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The REAL Jobless Rate: 17% Unemployed

[youtube=–Ag4] The real unemployment rate is actually near double of what they report. And in some places, its double even that. And Obama slams businesses for not hiring, or gives them a piddling little incentive in payroll taxes. The real reason why business aren’t hiring, and make no mistake, its business and not the government […]

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No Support For Obamacare

[youtube=] Who cares if there is little support for Obamacare. Lets ram it through anyways, since it has nothing to do with providing better care at a lower cost, or insuring those who aren’t its simply about control over us.

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