Open Letter From The American People To The Oppressed Worldwide

Dear Freedom Fighter:

Don’t listen to President Obama. WE, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, ARE WITH YOU. When you fight to rid your country of a tyrannical dictator, WE ARE WITH YOU. When you stand in the streets, WE ARE WITH YOU. When you call for freedom and democracy, WE ARE WITH YOU. When you want to throw off the chains of your oppressive government, WE ARE WITH YOU.

As soon as we heard about the oppression of your people, of the jailing, torture, rape and slaughter of innocents, who only wanted the same kind of freedom all mankind SHOULD be granted, and that is the freedom to live your life in peace, allowing you to follow your dreams, whether they be to raise a family, run a business, or pursue whatever makes you happy, we were dismayed.

The moment we heard of your oppression, we wanted to take the global stage, pound the podium SHARPLY, and demand LOUDLY, on your behalf, FREEDOM from oppression, and the installation of a democratic and capitalist state in your country. We wanted to bring sanctions, negotiate, do whatever needs to be done to help you throw off your chains, despite what Obama says and does.

We deplore the bloodshed. We condemn those who perpetrate it, and want to help you bring them to whatever justice you feel they deserve, be it trial or death.

Don’t listen to President Obama. We, the American People, WE STAND WITH YOU. If we could help you, we would, right now, before more die or are injured, and without hesitation. That is the kind of people we are, and if we had a leader and a government who was more like us, then you would see it from him right now. In fact, Obama, embarrasses us. He is not following our wishes. He is not doing what we want, which is to strongly fight tyranny everywhere. We apologize for his inaction, and promise to elect new leaders in future who will support the death of tyranny and the struggle of humanity to be free everywhere.

Our leader may be weak right now, but WE ARE STRONG. And we will fight tyranny with you, in any way we can. We despise tyranny. We wish it to be eradicated from the planet. But as long as non-democratic, non-capitalist states stand, there will be tyranny. We fight to end tyranny, worldwide. And WE STAND WITH YOU, as long as you do the same.

It may be difficult now, but in the end, together, WE WILL WIN. And then the entire human race can live in peace and enjoy the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Yours in Freedom…The American People