A War With No Leadership Or Goals

Obama Empty Suit

This war with Libya is a funny kind of war. It’s a war which isn’t called a “war” (Some French minister said – this is not a war). As a “humanitarian mission”, I’m assuming that the point is to help the Libyan people overthrow this tyrannical dictator who has been oppressing them for over 30 years. Having seen the successful revolutions in countries like Egypt, the Libyans figured that they might have a chance. So they revolted, Gaddafi stepped up his campaign of horrific violence, and now we are helping the rebels. I see a big issue here though. First: Gaddafi is so merciless, that he will go to any lengths to stay in power, stepping down is no option for him, so he will keep going until the rebellion is crushed. Secondly: the coalition has flat out stated that there is no goal to remove Gaddafi from power, even though that is likely the only end in sight for this “war”. So not only does this war have no leadership (see my Hot Potato War post) it has no real goals. I don’t know about you, but as far as I’m concerned that’s a recipe for yet another long, prolonged, confict with no discernable end. Which is the last thing America needs.