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Violent Speech Against Conservative Women By Liberals Tolerated Or Encouraged

Recently a supposedly news anchor or talk host – whatever – on MSNBC (you know, the Obama Network – does anyone really watch them anymore?) called conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham a “slut” – actually twice  -“slut” then “talk slut”. I’ll bet the miniscule liberal audience applauded. If you look around – there is a ton of evidence that… Read more →

Someone Else 2012

I saw a great bumper sticker the other day which sums up perfectly my feelings for the next presidential election : “Someone Else 2012”. I mean, really, no matter how “weak” the Republican field is, no matter who it is – yes even the dread Mitt Romney, they have to be better than our current lord and savior. And I… Read more →

Party Like Its 2008

Recently, Obama – on his world tour – signed some important guestbook in some important place in the UK – don’t really remember what or where – but it was notable that when he signed his name he dated it 2008. I guess our lord a savior likes living in the past – specifically that year since I’m guessing that… Read more →

Socialism Is Unnatural–Part 2

Nature IS competition. Evolution is survival of the fittest. We did not evolve to this point in our species by supporting the weak – we got here by letting the weak die off. Competition is part of the soul of nature. Socialism blunts or destroys that competition, basically going against not only our very nature, but all of nature. Now… Read more →

Socialism Is Unnatural–Part 1

Let’s face it, humans are basically not socialist. Nature is not socialist. Every moving, living thing on this planet is not born socialist. Socialism is a made up construct, based on a perceived unfairness from another era. It was invented, out of the blue, by people who looked at this “unfairness”, even though it was contrary to nature, and said… Read more →

Fixing The Economy Is Simple

Listen, the fact of the matter is that throughout history, one can point to the exact thing which makes an economy roar. It is a proven fact, most economists who have not been politically tainted (such as Paul Krugman) agree that it is less government intervention in an economy, not more, which will set it on fire. This administration does… Read more →