Atlas Shrugged, Part 1: A Short Review

Atlas Shrugged: Part 1: Go. See. Now.

In short, I did like the movie. But then again, I have read it a number of times and know the characters, their motivation, what they were trying to accomplish. The movie is worth seeing, no doubt. But for some reason, when I walked out of the theatre, its left me wanting more. I think that the concept is sound, but in the producers zeal to maintain connection with the book, they lost some of the message. Which is only reasonable when you attempt to turn an opus like Atlas Shrugged into a film. This is what it left me wanting: the whole concept of the world grinding to a halt when the movers and shakers start disappearing, the concept of the great men who invent, innovate and profit off their inventions, and the coattail riders who sponge off them like parasites. I felt that a new, modern day version, set in the world of today, pressing those themes, would have had a much clearer message for the audiences of today. With luck, maybe this will spark the creation of some of those films. Thinking about writing one myself, actually.