Honesty About Pakistan

Remember when I mentioned that I should have a segment on my show called “I am always right?”. Well, hate to keep saying “I told you so” but I think I mentioned a while ago, both on my blog and my show, that Pakistan was playing both sides. Much like most other countries in that neck of the woods – there are no such thing as agreements which stick. In America, when you make a promise, sign a contract, agree to something, then break that contract or agreement, there are negative consequences. Those don’t apply there – at least between America and these states. There may be honor among the Pakistani’s – and there probably is – but I’m sure that most of the countries who we pay billions of dollars to in aid, turn right around and pass those dollars to those who attack and hate America and the American way of free speech and free markets. So it no surprise to me that Bin Laden had been protected by Pakistan for the last 6 years.