What If We Had Treated Pakistan As A Foe From The Beginning?

It’s interesting to note that now that bin Laden is gone, Pakistan is getting all up in arms about it. It’s like the typical person who has been caught in a lie: they hem and haw and make excuses. I bet that not only did they hide Bin Laden, I’m sure that the administration knew about him, and in some way even supported his efforts – maybe even used some of the money that we gave to Pakistan in order to fund Al Qaeda. I’ll bet that if we treated Pakistan like a foe from the beginning, then I’ll bet that we would have found him years ago. I partly blame Bush: for all his blustering, I don’t think he wanted to pick a fight with Pakistan, thinking optimistically that they might come around to the side of good. But he was wrong, Bush wasn’t enough of a distrusting hawk to want to think that Pakistan was an enemy state, harboring our most wanted.