Alligators and Moats

Boy, do liberals ever enjoy making fun of people. In Obama’s latest stand up routine on immigration, he likened those of us who want a secure border to idiots, joking that if we had our way, we’d dig moats and fill them with alligators. I guess to Obama, its all a big joke. I guess to the thousands of legal immigrants, its all a big joke. I guess to the millions of criminal aliens who stream across our borders and use up our tax dollars providing “free” services, it’s a big joke. I guess maintaining the security of our country is a big joke to our glorious savior. No, I think the joke here is Obama himself, he is so disconnected from reality that he thinks we can’t see how big an ass he is, and will just meekly vote him in again come next year. You’ve got a surprise coming then, bucko.