Who’s Spiking The Football Now?

Obama used the phrase “there is no need to spike the football” when referring to the  calls to release photos of a dead Osama bin Laden to the world. So in his mind, releasing proof of death is rubbing their noses in the “win”. Oh really? Hmm. So his little victory lap around America isn’t spiking the football? His mention of Osama being dispatched repeatedly isn’t spiking the football? Using the death of Osama at fundraisers in order to help fund his re-election campaign isn’t spiking the football? Let me make a prediction: Obama will continue to spike the football continuously as long as it earns him points at the polls. It’s almost like the reason he pulled the trigger on Osama was to get himself re-elected. I bet that was the driving force behind this, and that the only reason he didn’t drag it out even longer so it could be closer to the 2012 election was that he was in danger of losing the target.