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Rubio Blasts Obama: Left-Wing Strong Man

Marco: keep kicking ass and naming names: we need that — Unlike so many first turns in the upper chamber, Rubio’s stirring remarks, which celebrated American exceptionalism, caught fire. The Florida Republican’s words were cited by Senate colleagues and championed by conservatives. To no one’s surprise, the push to put Rubio on the 2012 ticket only increased, even though the… Read more →

What will progressives and Sean Penn do? Hugo Chavez reportedly in critical condition

Another buddy of Obama bites the dust. Good riddance. — Too good to be true? Maybe. But Ynet news is reporting that socialist pile of filth and leader of Venezuela Hugo Chavez is in critical condition following a surgery conducted in Cuba on June 9th. YNet reports that Chavez was not facing immediate death, but his situation is “complicated” according… Read more →

Not News: Obama Breaks The Law Again

Nothing is sacred. — President Obama appealed to supporters and donors in a videotaped message emailed by his campaign team to millions of people Monday — a message filmed with the president inside the White House by a crew from the Democratic National Committee, according to a White House official who responded to RCP questions about the solicitation. via RealClearPolitics… Read more →

Reagan:Those Voices Don’t Speak for the Rest of Us

Amidst the turmoil of the 111th Congress, which included such egregious legislation as Cap-and-Trade and ObamaCare, the Republican Study Committee created this video to illustrate how Washington has strayed from the ideas that made our nation great. Freedom and prosperity do not spring from government’s power to tax, borrow, and spend. Instead we must get Washington out of the way… Read more →

Barack Obama Is A Backwards Idiot – Part 3

So instead of making easier for these displaced manufacturing workers to start businesses and create their own jobs, Obama continues to throw OUR good money after bad, trying to resurrect. It’s a waste. Whenever a manufacturing company goes under, that is an opportunity for all of those employees to take their severence packages and start their own businesses, expand their skill… Read more →

Barack Obama Is A Backwards Idiot – Part 1

The latest bon-mot from our idiot lord and savior: “We have not run out of stuff to make. We just have to reinvigorate the manufacturing sector that leads the world like it always has,” Obama said. Come on. This guy is thinking straight outta pre-internet days, even pre-information economy daze! This guy reminds me of my Greek cousin who said… Read more →