Obama : Fanatic?

President Obama, fearing losing reelection more than default, threatens to veto any last-minute debt package from Congress unless it extends the nation’s borrowing limit beyond the 2012 elections.

Yup. Winning the next election is more important to this guy that the future of this country. In his addled mind, nothing is more important than continuing his reign of destruction of the American ideal, the total annihilation of the country which created so much. One wonders why Obama is so hell-bent on wrecking America, and replacing it with yet another euro-style socialist state. Where is the rage that drives him forward on this destructive path? I mean, its not doing his poll numbers any good – even his base is rapidly eroding. Even a politician knows when he is going too far against the wishes of his constituents. Even a true politician would change course and end this path of destruction. But not Obama. He is more an ideologue than even a politician. I never, ever thought I’d say this in my entire life, but I almost long for the days of a Bill Clinton: yes, someone who had strong beliefs, but knew when to change those beliefs when it served America. Obama has no such switch. He cannot even fathom anything but his own belief. In that, he IS a fanatic.

via Obama fears losing reelection more than default | RedState.