A Bad Deal, Whichever Way You Slice It

Well, it looks like a debt deal has finally been agreed to. Unfortunately, as I was mentioning yesterday, it is too little too late. The cuts are much too small, and increasing the debt limit, which did not have to happen, if we had strong enough leaders who understood what was best for the country, on both sides, do what is right, instead of what is politically expedient. It never fails to amaze me how important it is for our elected officials to  fail to do what is necessary in order to keep our country and economy strong, and just continue on the path of simply adding additional burdens onto our backs and expecting us to take up the slack, as we usually do, since we do not shirk from responsibility. Or didn’t used to.

Nothing is as important to these people other than they way they appear. The majority of these people care more about re-election, rather than doing what it takes to ensure that this country remains economically strong. It seems that they are comfortable watching this great country declining into a lesser place in the world.

The base problem, in my opinion, is the assumption that if they just keep things going at a low ebb, that the economy will eventually, on its own, just start getting better, and that their revenues, via taxation, will increase enough in order to cover their massive expenses. Even though they know exactly what they need to do in order to kickstart the economy, they are unwilling to take those steps. Instead, they’d rather leave us (and our children) with this burden.

At this point, with what I’m seeing from Washington, with the level of gutlessness that we are seeing, then America WILL decline into a second rate nation, like all the others. We will simply allow ourselves to be overtaken. We could have done something about it, but there is no way this administration would have done it, considering how anti-commerce they are.

We cannot continue on this path. The next President cannot be Barack Obama, and MUST do what it takes to lessen our burdens and allow us to turn this country back around to the economic power it once was. There is no other option, other than abandoning it for other more favorable economies. But where do you go? Galt’s Gulch does not yet exist.