Obama: I’m going to Jobsland!

Gee, its seems like at last count that this is Obama’s 4th or 5th time that he has promised to “pivot” to jobs. Or maybe he’s already pivoted to jobs and we just can’t tell because everything that he has done so far has been such a colossal failure.

It’s almost like he is a robot, or that he’s been put in a trance. First I do this thing that I want, then I will say that I will do the thing that you want, but not really. Actually, that fits in perfectly with a pattern of abuse. But I digress.

Obama knows that he can’t “create jobs”. The government can’t “create jobs”, business creates jobs. And business will not create jobs in this atmosphere of fear the our Dear Leader is flooding us with. And he will never be business friendly, so until he is out of office, nothing will change.

So Obama’s “jobs” bus tour is nothing but a PR / Campaign stunt, paid for by our tax dollars. Thanks for wasting our money.



Whenever Obama finishes working on any issue or project, he always says that he’s going to … Jobsland:

via Obamateurism of the Day « Hot Air.