Crashes, Riots And Spending, Oh My!

Crashes, Riots & Spending, Oh My!

One probably thinks that the US downgrade, the riots in Britain, the flash mobs here, the riots in Greece, the crash of the stock market, are all individualized events which are just happening to occur all at the same time. It’s just all coincidence, right? Well, I beg to differ.

What you are seeing is a direct result of socialist policy. Socialist policy, proven a failure time and time again, is consistently retried, time and time again, by well meaning idiots who feel that it actually has somewhat of a compassionate side. How the theft of value from people who have worked hard for their money to those who have not is compassion, I’ll never know. But I digress.

The US downgrade: the result of the policies of both Bush, Obama and any other predecessor who thought that more government spending and control would ever fix the economy, thus resulting in the massive amount of debt we have now. It’s easy to blame Obama, but he was just the latest in a long line of spenders, even if he was the mostĀ profligateĀ one.

The riots in Britain are a direct result of socialist policies which have created an underclass which can never break out of their state. It’s like that country, using the socialist “class war” meme, has, in the act of supposedly breaking down the barriers, has simply enforced them. I mean, lets be frank, if people are just given most of what they need, why should they bother working for it. Yet, they remain fully locked out of the world where they can be successful on their own due to government policy.

The flash mobs that we are seeing here are a direct descendant of the British ones. Again, disaffected youth, forced into a hopeless world, despite what the great hope and change maker promised them, are in this world due to the anti-business and pro-socialist policies of Barack Obama. Why start a business to eventually employ disaffected youth if you never know if the president will put you out of business with higher taxes.

I could go on, but I think you see my point. Everything that is happening right now can be directly attributed to hamfisted governments trying to “do something”, right out of the socialist playbook, to try and make things right. What they haven’t tried, and what works, every time, is getting out of the way, doing nothing, and letting us turn things around.

Basically, back to capitalism, free markets, and the country, such as it was right after the revolution, when anything was possible and free men where not under the thumb of despotic regimes everywhere. This is what we want, us libertarians, us Tea Partiers, us conservatives.

And these free markets will not only save America, but the world as well. We just have to let them.