Is Wealth Destruction The Plan?

For the first time ever, the gold plated credit rating of the United States has been downgraded. All over the world, markets are taking a beating, and it’s hard not to see the correlation between the actions of Barack  Obama and his administration and the wave of wealth destruction sweeping the globe.

This reminds me of something.

I used to have a coworker at a job I had ages ago who supported the Tandem computers which ran the billing system. He would get paid double overtime every time that he had to come in after hours in order to fix things. These were the days prior to telecommuting so he had to physically come in whenever that was a problem with the systems. Now if you knew anything about Tandem, you’d know that the system was supposedly rock solid, with all sorts of redundancy built in, it was designed to run bank level systems  (this was a cable TV company). So we often wondered why this guy kept having to come in after hours and spend all of this time “fixing stuff”. It turns out that he was financing his boat from the overtime: he wrote scripts that would kick off after hours which would cause a problem to occur, just requiring him to come in. When he came in, he would play Populous for a few hours, then solve the problem in about one minute, log his hours then go home. It was a few years before someone caught on and they fired him.

Is Obama (or the puppet master running him) purposely wrecking the economy? Is he knowingly working to first destroy the American economy, then the global economy, in order to then sweep in new reforms which simply expand the scope of government even more? I know, this seems the stuff of conspiracy theories, but is it possible? In the grand Alinsky tradition of not letting a crisis go to waste, is Obama creating a crisis on purpose, in order to bring about his new American order?