Ron Paul for VP?

The following is a guest post by Blake Oates

It should be no surprise that regardless of how good of answers Ron Paul gives at any debate, the media will always downplay him. It seems hopeless when you hear audiences roar with approval when he debates, yet even Fox News simply sets him on the back burner. Like it or not, 99% of the time, the media runs our elections, and the 2012 GOP primary is no exception. With that said, it’s obvious that Ron Paul is not on track to get the nomination. So what do we have to hope for?

How about Ron Paul for Vice President?

The way I see it, the GOP needs a populist, easy to sell leader to simply beat out Obama. Behind that leader, America needs a man with principal who isn’t afraid to say what he believes. Ron Paul is just that man. We need Ron Paul in the White House, regardless of his position.

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