No Service in San Francisco

The following is a guest post by Blake Oates.

Yesterday, the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) system shut down citizens’ cell phone service in an attempt to avoid a protest.  I can’t say I am surprised to see the city of San Francisco doesn’t like the idea of free speech.  The idea of running a government according to the constitution is just plan foreign to CA lawmakers.  What scares me though, is the authority President Obama received earlier this year to do the same thing with the public’s internet access.  Of course, we were all assured that the internet “Kill Switch” would only be used in the case of dire emergency, but who decides what emergencies are “dire”.  We’ve seen the same type of technological crowd control used in Egypt, Libya, and now it’s being considered in London.  After this abuse of political power to silence free speech in SF, how long will it be before the federal government decides that the Tea Party movement is a “threat” and uses the same authority to attack the entire small-government movement?

Not long.

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