A President And His Bus

Oh my how sad. Did you see the images of Obama touring the countryside in “Greyhound One”, the massive coffin-on-wheels which is the Presidential bus. Who knew we even had a Presidential bus? I guess we didn’t until Obama snapped his fingers and commissioned it to be built, flooding Canada (yes, Canada, he didn’t even make sure that the bus was built in America – yes even the bus he bought with our own money was built by foreign labor) with our money.

Don’t you think its pretty sad, this man, who once stood in front of millions in Berlin, surrounded by cheering crowds and adulation, is now reduced to riding around the unwashed (from his perspective) in middle America and try to lie to the American people that it was all of these foreign things going on which caused their companies to shut down and leave them jobless.

It’s not his fault. No, like most abusers, it never is THEIR fault. It’s always some kind of external force causing things to occur, and they have no control over it. Despite the fact that Obama is all about command and control of the economy in practice, in talk its all about “don’t blame me, it all of these other things which happened”. Or the latest, “I had the economy on track until all this went down”

No, Mr. President. You are a liar. You are the direct cause of all of the suffering that Americans are under at the moment. Your anti-American, anti-business policies have basically driven a stake into the heart of the economy. A two faced liar, telling us one thing and doing something different.

Just talk won’t fix this Mr. President. A completely different person in the oval office is the only cure.