The Real Jobless

With the news starting to report that the unemployment rate is finally going down, pundits (mostly Obama supporters) who only look at the surface are rejoicing: see his policies of taxing and spending are working finally! But of course, they only see what they want to see,

The reality behind those numbers is that for many, the unemployment benefits have run out. They failed to secure a new job in the last year and are no longer being supported by even those meager amounts. People have basically given up looking for work, or have found new, much much lower paid employment.

These are all a direct result of Obama’s insistence on maintaining failed socialist policies of the past. This extended recession can be completely laid at his feet.

And what is he doing? Is he “feeling our pain” as another former Democrat president did? Is he even cancelling his vacations and golf outings to put all of his effort, 7 by 24 on resolving this crisis? No, in fact he is spending even more and going on even more vacations. The king truly cares not for his subjects.