Romney Fans Say “Why Are You Dumping On My Guy?”

I’ll tell you why. But first a digression.

Obama Romney

One of the things we try to do here at the Bunker is to get libertarians, tea partiers and conservatives to work together, as opposed to bashing each other. Which requires trying to get Ron Paul fans and Herman Cain fans to play nice, which is tough because the former think that Cain is another shill for big business, and the latter think that Ron Paul is quote ‘LOONEY’. Just because Cain doesn’t say “audit the FED” every 5 minutes doesn’t mean he won’t lead us towards restoring America, and just because Ron Paul wants us out of foreign wars doesn’t mean that he can’t do the same. Both of these men are much, much better than Obama.

But when it comes to Romney, he’s not a libertarian, he’s┬ádefinitely┬ánot a tea partier, and I’m not convinced he’s a conservative. In fact, Romney is basically a slightly less liberal than Obama: I mean seriously: RomneyCare! TARP! Where is he any different than George W. Bush?! And we all know where he took us.

So Romney fans, just please wake up and look at your guy. He may sound like a conservative, but when you look at what he did while he was in office, he ain’t. So there is no way I can defend or support him.