GOP Debate: What happens in Vegas….

The last several debates can be summed up in one word: Yawn. Even Rick Perry has looked like he needed a little pick me up and to be honest so did I. Up until tonight I would suggest these were some of the most worthless debates, I’ve ever had the displeasure of sitting through. Too many candidate, no time for real debate, just poorly uttered talking points that barely count as those.

However for those of us who managed to wrestle up the courage to watch another debate, we were rewarded. Finally. As per usual Newt Gingrich was the smartest guy in the room, but his ties to Individual mandated Health Care was outed by Mitt Romney no less.  Good.
As for Romney, he seemed to struggle under the pressure of all 8 candidate ganging up on him…even Herman Cain turned on him for a minute. But by the end they were good…and so are Rick Perry and Romney, see Rick Perry didn’t actually say anything about Mormons, that was another person…but why dither with facts. I digress….Herman Cain’s 999 mantra is already wearing on me, however he showed that his biggest weakness lie in foreign policy.

I mean really showed it. It was bad, it was *this* close to being a Joe Biden moment. It made me personally want to take a closer look at him. Good News, CNN agrees, running an ad during the debate that indicated they would be “vetting” him starting tomorrow. Awesome.

With all his struggles, Herman Cain still brought home big applause when he stood by his comments about the Occupy Wall Street Movement needing to Occupy a job. I’m paraphrasing. This is where Ron Paul went off the rails, even the hint of support for the pointless tent city dwellers was just another nail in his very odd little coffin.

As for Rick Santorum, he had his best performance as the Attack candidate. For someone so mellow, Anger seems to work for him. He’s not a real contender but he did a fantastic job of stirring the pot and forcing Romney specifically to answer questions that he hasn’t faced. Good for him. Go Down Fighting.
And for the strange woman identified only as Michelle Bachmann, who continued to yell, “Anderson, Anderson”….I do hope this will be your last debate.

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