Cain and Romney Going Strong in Iowa and South Carolina; Romney Dominates New Hampshire

According to the latest CNN/Time poll,  Herman Cain and Mitt Romney continue to lead the pack in Iowa, South Carolina and New Hampshire – all states at the front of the pack in the Primary cycle.

Romney holds a slim lead of 3 points over Cain in Iowa and a 2 point lead in South Carolina. Ron Paul takes a distant third place in each state.

Romney continues to dominate New Hampshire with a 27 point lead over second-place Cain. Again, Ron Paul takes third place, but is only 1 point behind Cain.

Romney is not guaranteed to win the nomination, but he has been the only candidate who has remained a frontrunner throughout his candidacy. Cain has soared into the top 2 and Paul has gained some solid ground. It looks like Romney will end up winning New Hampshire, but will he hold onto the other 2 states?