Inherent Principles: Do you even know what these are?

Of course you do. But perhaps you’ve never really thought about them or thought why it’s important to know and understand them. I didn’t until I read about these in Dr Russell Kirk’s work.

Inherent Principles are those most basic principles of which every human being (past, present and future) believes to be true. I thought it was brilliant for Dr Kirk to include these simple truths in creating his list of political principles to live by because this is the common ground everyone shares, regardless of who they are, what they think, or what their agendas might be.

Dr Kirk wrote articles describing these, but in a general sort of way. I like to have something more direct and to the point. I like to use words that can’t be twisted out of context. Here’s my version of Inherent Principles which I have adopted for myself. Of course, you are free to use whatever words you wish in creating your own list of principles.

1) I believe there exists an enduring moral order.
2) I believe human nature is a constant.
3) I believe moral truths are permanent.

Whenever you find yourself in total disagreement with someone and you’re having an extremely hard time in finding an agreeable solution, you can always strengthen the relationship by agreeing on the principles you do have in common. You can start with these and then move on to the Self-Evident Principles, which are also somewhat inherent because just about everyone agrees with those, too.

Should someone disagree with you on these Inherent Principles, then you know he’s just looking for a fight. Obviously, he isn’t interested in talking or finding a real solution, so he’s leaving you with only two choices, walk away… or fight!

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Next Sunday we’ll examine the Self-Evident Principles.