We Ain’t Lazy, Obama. You’re The Problem Here.

Ah yes, the Blame America First tour continues. Has any other president done so much blaming, has taken so little┬áresponsibility for this economy, as much as the esteemed Barack Hussein Obama?┬áI mean, the latest jibe, while in China, to of course a very accepting audience, that it’s American business that has been “too lazy” to work at bringing business into America. Listen up, Big O. I know that you are a bit unfamiliar with the actual world of business, having never actually worked for or run an actual private business, so let me set you straight: American business DOES NOT CREATE the environment for business to flourish in – it is the American GOVERNMENT who is responsible for the environment which drives and keeps business away from America. The blame for everything falls squarely on your shoulders. You simply refuse to take the responsibility which is rightly yours.

So MAN UP, dude. Take the responsibility. Own up to it.

LOL. That’ll never happen.