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  • Dog Tired

    I don’t think we’ll ever get a near perfect candidate until we find a way to rid ourselves of the two party system. They say one-third of the pulic is now independent, one-third republican and one-third democratic. So maybe we’re getting there.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t see the duopoly going away anytime soon. I figure that if we want to see change in our lifetime, and maybe our kids lifetime, we need to work the change from within.

  • Anonymous

    He is a good speaker, that’s for sure. He engages the audience, has a huge depth of knowledge, and can always point back to his “successes” way back – Contract With America, his Reagan connections, etc. The inconvenient details forgotten in the mists of the past. 

    Unfortunately, we’ll never have the perfect candidate for everyone. Here is how I figure it: we need someone who WE will vote for – that is conservatives, libertarians and Tea Partiers, AND a number of Democrats will leave Obama for, otherwise we will lose again. My sense is that we need someone who can appeal to people outside our base, otherwise, we’ll just end up with Obama again. 

  • Dog Tired

    Right Girl nailed it when she called Newt, Old Unfaithful.

    But Newt has been gaining ground. Why? It’s a combination of things. He is a polished politician when it comes to DC practices and we Americans have become afraid of electing another unknown. He has proved he can make things happen (even if it’s the wrong things) and we all know that Obama can’t do anything but read a teleprompter.

    I don’t agree with those supporting Old Unfaithful because I am a conservative fundamentalist. But if he does win, he can’t possibly be as bad as Obama.

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