Could Gary Johnson’s Withdrawal Give Ron Paul The Boost He Needs?

Poor Gary Johnson.  Time and time again, he tried to participate in the GOP debates, only to be snuffed out and ignored by the media, as well as his own party.  Now it seems that this type of mistreatment has gone far enough for Johnson, as he intends to make an announcement tomorrow that he is officially switching over to the Libertarian Party.

While a candidate as formidable as Johnson may turn out to hurt whoever ends up getting the GOP nomination, at the moment it seems to be a blessing for Ron Paul.  Although Johnson obviously was not taking away too much of the Republican vote, it should be pretty clear, based on his positions, that anyone who intended to vote for him is not going to be turning to Newt or Romney in the primaries.  With his hardline libertarian philosophies and consistent track record, the next best choice for would-be Johnson voters is Ron Paul.  With Ron Paul only a point or two below Newt in most Iowa polls, those extra votes could be just what he needs to win the state and pick up major momentum.

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