Ron Paul Does to CNN What I Did Years Ago

The lamestream media is getting pretty desperate. It’s digging up 20 year old “Racist” newsletters that have already been debunked.

According to, Ron Paul again faced questions about the newsletters from a CNN reporter. The reporter stated that the newsletters were “Incendiary” and her questions were therefore legitimate. He responded that they were incendiary because of people like her and, when she continued, he took off his microphone and walked away.

Congratulations, Dr. Paul. I did a similar act years ago with CNN. With Lou Dobbs as the only genuine journalist on their network, I stopped watching years go. Since he has left the network, I have no interest in it, at all. After all, if I want to see tools, I’ll go to a hardware store.

How about you? Do you still watch CNN and other dinosaur media outlets?

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