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Can Mitt Romney Get GOP Voters Excited?

Can Mitt Romney Get GOP Voters Excited?

Well Mitt Romney is giving his Florida victory speech right now, and I can’t say I’m surprised. All week he has been polling well above Newt Gingrich and everyone else. What does surprise me is the crowd chanting for him. If an election between Romney and Obama took place today, I could vote for Romney, but I wouldn’t be very… Read more →

Newsflash! Abstinence remains 100% effective against STDs

I saw this article today, and wasn’t surprised. South Africa is recalli buy viagra pills ng 1.35 million condoms given away at the African National Congress party’s centenary celebrations amid charges some broke during intercourse and others were porous, an official said Tuesday. AIDS activist Sello Mokhalipi of the Treatment Action Campaign said he complained after “we had people flocking… Read more →

America Is Now A Financial Titanic

Why is no one pointing out the obvious? We are on a financial nosedive and no one but Ron Paul seems to have a plan to take us out of it. Will we even be able to get him in in time to do anything about it? The Newt/Mitt Show has NOTHING to do with the issues which are the… Read more →

I could see this being a problem for the Paulestinians…

Teehee. Good enough for thee, but not for me: One way to get a politician to withdraw a bill cheap viagra online requiring drug-testing for welfare applicants? Just tell him lawmakers also have to get tested, and see how fast he boomerangs. Rep. Jud McMillin, a Republican member of the Indiana General Assembly, took back his drug-testing bill after one… Read more →

The TSA is Always Hard at Work

Just last week we heard about Sen. Rand Paul being detained because his screener randomly went off, yet he refused a pat down. While those particular TSA agents were a little too zealous, apparently some are the exact opposite. According to a story at the Huffington Post: “Eight TSA workers at Newark Airport have been suspended from their jobs for… Read more →

President Ron Paul! Ron Paul Beats Obama 48% To 45%

YES! WE WIN! RON PAUL BEATS OBAMA IN A MATCHUP!!! Yes folks, you heard it right. Ron Paul wins with a 3% margin, Romney wins with a 11% margin, even Santorum wins with a 3% margin! This is why polls are bullshit. Here is a USA Today latest matchup poll: Obama 47% Romney 48% Obama 54% Gingrich 40% Obama 50%… Read more →

Shit that should not be

Dude. I have a pretty strong gut (I’ve eaten everything from sushi to bat pate), but this post over at Dirty Sex & Politics brought up everything I’ve cons fast payday loans umed since Reagan left office. (totally true what they say about chewing gum staying undigested for seven years, by the way) Michelle Obama’s talking meat puppets are denying… Read more →

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