Parenting Can Be Fun

Today is Valentine’s day, and I can’t say that really means much to me.  However, it’s also the night of the season premiere of History Channel’s Top Shot, a show I’ve been meaning to watch for some time now.  And so, in honor of this event, I bring you a fun filled story of parenting and guns:

A North Carolina man was none too pleased with one of his daughter Hannah’s Facebook posts. So instead of just telling her, he decided to tell the world exactly how he felt in a YouTube video.  After already grounding Hannah for three months for what he refers to as a similar incident in the past, Tommy Jordan decided to take his disciplinary action to a whole new, more public level. Jordan uploaded a video of himself sitting in a lawn chair reading aloud his 15-year-old daughter’s post and then shooting nine hollow-point rounds into her computer with his .45-caliber gun.

Her farther then went on to tell her that she can have a new laptop when she’s earned enough money to pay him back for all the new software he had just bought her.

This post is a reminder to you all to join the NRA.

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