Ron Paul’s Dilemma

Ron Paul will soon face a tough decision: Should he finish out his campaign as a Republican or drop out and run as an Independent?

If he chooses to stay as a Republican, he will likely end his run in Tampa at the Republican Convention. However, he will have access to all of the remaining debates and the status of being a Republican candidate, which will give him more media coverage than otherwise. Thus, he’ll be able to promote his ideas to a wider audience than he could possibly have by dropping out.

Additionally, as a Republican (with delegates), he can force a change in ideas and help his supporters gain rank in the Republican Party. This could benefit a future candidate such as Rand Paul, who would then be more well-received.

On the other hand, Paul could drop out and go for the gold. His impact on the future of the Republican Party would be weakened, but he’d be on the ballot in November. At the very least, he’d give disenfranchised Democrats and dissatisfied Republicans a viable alternative to their Party’s candidate.

Do you think Dr. Paul should finish out as a Republican or go for home-run?

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