Are Ron Paul and Mitt Romney in Cahoots?

I just read an article on that outlines how Ron Paul and Mitt Romney may have formed an informal alliance. The story goes that Ron Paul would be selected as Romney’s VP, which is something that I’ve touched on recently.

This has come up again due to charges by the Santorum campaign. Santorum’s crew alleges that Romney and Paul are working in tandem.

I am on the fence on this 1. I’m not sure that Romney (or his elitist backers) would want Paul anywhere near him. The same goes for Paul, as some of his base could see this as a sell-out move.

However, I would welcome this move as a backup plan. Let’s face it, Paul’s odds of winning are low, which leaves 3 options:

  • Paul drops out soon and runs as an Independent
  • Paul loses the nomination, retires from Congress and leaves the Federal Government
  • Paul gives Romney a potentially decisive boost in a battle against Obama and is the President’s right-hand man for at least 4 years

Which sounds like it has the best shot at working to you?

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