Principles of Good Leadership

What should we be looking for as we look at our political candidates? How do we know who will be a good leader? The answer is, does the candidate have principles of good leadership?

Principles of Good Leadership, at any level, foreign and domestic, comes down to just four basic qualities. A good leader must have a bedrock of principles, a moral compass, a vision, and the ability to build a concenses to achieve that vision. Every political candidate should be solely judged based on these four qualities.

Leaders who are lacking or weak with any one of these will prove themselves to be a bad leader. While those who do have all four qualities will be remembered as a true statesman.

As far as having a bedrock of principles, this refers to his political principles. Those elements of beliefs which governs one’s political thinking. This is easy for anyone to do. Just make a list and post it online. But they don’t do that. I’ve yet to see any politician reveal his principles. Instead, they want to trick you into thinking they have the same principles as you do. Once you know a candidate’s principles then you can compare them to your own. If compatible, then judge the candidate’s history to determine how well he lives up to them.

However, when it comes to a candidate’s moral compass, he doesn’t need to explain his personal beliefs because you don’t judge him on his morals but on your morals instead. Morality is one of those things that fall under Spiritual Freedom, which I covered in my blog last week. Each person decides for himself as to what he believes is moral and immoral. Society morals simply means what the majority believes to be moral and immoral. Collectively, this is how every society judges a person’s moral character. There’s a lot more to this so I blog about the principles of morality next week.

Every good leader must have a vision. Funny, if it weren’t true, but we have a lot of politicians who don’t have a vision at all. They ran because they want to be important and be remembered for doing something important but have no idea of what that would be. And we have those who do have a vision but don’t want to tell us because they know it’s not what we want. Good visions can only come from those who have good principles and a good moral compass.

A real leader already knows what needs to be accomplished and runs because he figures it’s the only way he can make it happen. His vision not only takes in the short term affects but is designed for the long haul. He’s not afraid to lay out his vision for he doesn’t care if he gets the credit or not. He just wants to see his vision become a reality. In laying out his vision, he’ll present a roadmap with short term goals to serve as benchmarks towards achieving the long range goal. In doing it this way, people are more willing to stay the course and can measure the progress as it’s being made.

The last quality of good leaders is having the ability to build a concenses to achieve his vision. Since the better leaders don’t care about who gets the credit, they are good at recruiting others to join the cause. If his vision is laid out properly and he builds a strong consenses, then his vision will become a reality… with or without him. Dr Martin Luthur King is a good example of great leadership. With these four qualities his vision was achieved, even after he was dead. Seeing how he didn’t have to hold any public office to achieve his vision, he didn’t run.

Some people can tell jokes while others can’t. With this said, there are those who can make things happen and those who can’t. We must never assume that a job title will automatically give someone the skills required to make good things happen no matter how good his intentions are. We need to find experienced people with the principles of good leadership.

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