Thoughts on Obama and Iran

I’m not sure what to make of Obama’s stance on the Iran issue.

He has been very hawkish during his term as President. I suspect that this is partly because of his lack of principles and partly because of the pressures on him from the people behind the scenes – you know, those who Kennedy apparently crossed the line with.

However, Obama appears to be putting the brakes on military action with Iran. reports that Obama has offered Israel the use of US Military bases if they hold off on an attack. Is he genuinely trying to avoid a war or is he trying to hold off until, oh, say, November or so?

Also, the AP is reporting that Israel does not plan to notify the US if it decides to attack Iran. I’m OK with that, as the US should have no part in this to begin with. However, even though the Israelis appear to be frustrated with Obama on this issue, is this an attempt to help him win another term by distancing him from this issue? After all, he has been a loyal servant to the global elite thus far.

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